• Stars in the making!

    Stars in the making!

    Since we joined Ed’s Workshop in May, we’ve been having loads of fun experimenting with prototypes for producing high-end, re-usable items. Everyone is fizzing with ideas which we positively bounce around each other, all this even led to trying out excitingly new methods with laser technology and textiles. There’s a great supportive atmosphere and a […]

  • Prototypes and community

    Prototypes and community

    There’s been a particularly industrious feel to the workshop over the last week with our makers taking various products through the prototyping stage. Working in a community means that when design elements don’t work the disappointment is shared and the encouragement from others ensures a focus on the tweaks and changes required to move forward. […]

  • Our new makers can surf holding a coffee

    Our new makers can surf holding a coffee

    14 July 2023: If you’ve been following our news you’ll know that we got the keys to our new premises on Carver Street in April, we then spent a few weeks cleaning, painting, building benches and moving our gear in, and makers began to join us at the end of May. We’re thoroughly enjoying welcoming […]

  • Making started today

    Making started today

    4 May 2023: Tables, chairs, workbenches, shelving – we’re almost there on furnishing our space and have already started making. As well as our main room, we’re fortunate to have a wood workshop, a storeroom and an office. The woodworking room has been put to good use making the workbenches.

  • New premises for Ed’s Workshop

    New premises for Ed’s Workshop

    14 April 2023: We’re excited to announce that Ed’s Workshop has moved into a property on Carver Street Sheffield. Our light and airy new space is in a former cutlery works built in 1900, and described at the time as “a thoroughly up to-date manufactory replete with all modern appliances and conveniences”, which “employed about […]